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Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors


The Dancing Feelings Professional Staff of Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country Instructors offer a wide range of expertise and experience to help you become the best dancer you can/. Whether your interests lie in social ballroom dancing, latin, country, or swing dancing, competitive ballroom, country dancing or swing dancing or a combination, the Staff of The Dancing Feeling can help you reach your goals.


Among our staff, you will find Instructors who have or are currently competing locally, nationally and internationally; coach other teachers nationally and internationally; appear on television; choreographed for Disney World; train teachers for professional exams, are certified judges who have officiated at regional, national and world events, taught on cruise ships, serve as Chairman of Judges at competitions, Emcee competitions, choreograph for weddings up through and including Professional competitive choreography, receive top teacher awards, have students who have won world titles, and the list goes on.


Let our team of Professional Dance Instructors help you have the time of your life. Come enjoy all the benefits that ballroom, country, latin and swing have to offer. Most's fun!


Randy Deats & Kathy St Jean



Ryan Burniston

Rachael Capodanno

Randy Deats


Briana Faiola

Maureen Ford


Josh Morgenstein


Deborah O'Donnell


Kathy St Jean







Randy Deats, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors Randy Deats

Randy Deats is Co-Director of the The Dancing Feeling. He has been teaching ballroom dancing for over 30 years. Students travel from thourghout New England to train with Randy. His experience, knowledge and comfortable teaching style helps people achieve great comfort on the social dance floor as well as high competitive dance success. Randy is excellent working with beginners through Professional. His teaching style makes people feel relaxed and confident so they can have fun learning quite rapidly.


Combine Randy's patience and passion for working with people with his qualifications below you will see why he is always sought after as a teacher!


Randy has won numerous awards for his competitive dancing, for his studio (The Dancing Feeling), his choreography, his PBS TV show "Dancing Disco" and his book. He is a member of the North American Teachers of Dance Association (NADTA). He has served both as an officer of Dance Teachers' Club of Boston (DTCB), the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). Randy has served as Examiner for Dance Teachers Club of Boston. His TV series “Dancing Disco” won an Emmy for outstanding instructional programming. Randy has also taught aboard the Crystal Harmony cruise ship traveling throughout the world.

Randy is a certified championship level judge with the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and is also a certified master judge with the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC). Randy judges throughout the United States, ballroom competitions on the National Dance Council Circuit and collegiate competitions thoughout New England. He also judges United Country Western Dance Council competitions. He has judged both regional and national and world title events. Randy has taught many seminars at UCWDC events and has been a featured Instructor at the USA Dance Nationals. In addition to judging competitions he also is frequently seen as the Master of Ceremonies of many competitions throughout the United States. He is an Instructor for the University of Rhode Island Ballroom Dance Club and is Head Coach of the Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Club.


Randy is also co-event director of the New England Dance Festival and Kathy & Randy Ballroom Dances. Randy feels community service is very important and continues to donate his time to the Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring fundraiser which helps many children and teens in the state of RI. Randy remains involved not only in the day-to-day affairs of the studio, but continues to personally be involved in the ongoing training of both staff and students. Most recently Randy was judging the USA Dance Nationals in Los Angeles and was Emcee for the NDCA Dancesport Competition; Dancing A La Carte.

Kathy St Jean, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsKathy St. Jean

Kathy St Jean has been dancing since the age of 3. She has been teaching for many years! She is co-director of The Dancing Feeling. She has an extensive background in the performing arts (tap, jazz and ballet) and holds a degree in dance.


Kathy enjoys teaching kids through adults - beginners through professional. Her classes and private lessons are lots of fun yet very focused on good technique. She enjoys giving her students what they need to achieve their goals, whether it be just plain fun social dancing or professional competitive dancing.


Combine Kathy's passion along with her credentials below and you will find she can help you have fun and be the best you can be.



In addition to teaching at the studio, Kathy is frequently asked to teach workshops and special classes throughout the world. Kathy has competed professionally in Latin, Standard and American Smooth and has won numerous awards in both areas. Kathy is a professional member of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, North American Dance Teacher Association, Dance Teachers Club of Boston (with dual membership in ballroom and performing arts), Dance Educators (performing arts), USA Dance and the United Country Western Dance Council. Kathy continues to compete Pro-Am in both ballroom and in country. Her students consistently place at the top of their divisions (including winning numerous world titles and top male student awards). To date, Kathy's students have won 7 world titles! She is the recipient of numerous top teacher awards. Her students have also performed with Kathy at the Samsung Dancing with the Stars Road Tour Pre-Show at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence.

Kathy is a fully certified championship ballroom judge registered with the National Dance Council of America and is a certified master level judge with the United Country Western Dance Council. She judges National Dance Council of America Dancesport Competitions throught the United States and Collegiate Ballroom Competitions throughout New England. Kathy also judges UCWDC and USA Dance competitions (including UCWDC World Championships). She has served as Head American Style Coach for the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and Roger Williams University Ballroom Dance Club. Currently she is the Vice President of the UCWDC Judge Certification Program where she governs the world-wide Judge Certification program. This position has given Kathy opportunity to train judges worldwide; most recently she has been in Korea and Paris.


She has appeared on the original NBC-TV series "Dance Fever" and has taught aboard the Crystal Harmony Cruise Ship traveling through Europe and the Caribbean. Her Performing Arts dance company performed in Disney World as well as winning numerous competitive awards. She has served as chairman of the DTCB Ballroom Program, as well as an Examiner for the Society. Kathy has served as faculty for Rhode Island College Dance Department for 8 years. Kathy can frequently be seen teaching seminars for various dance organizations. She is also co-event director of the New England Dance Festival and Kathy & Randy Ballroom Dances. Kathy’s passion throughout life has been dance and she finds great rewards passing on her love and knowledge of dance to her students.


Ryan Burniston, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors Ryan Burniston joins The Dancing Feeling staff after completing an extensive teacher training program. Ryan danced in the collegiate circuit prior to turning Professional. He has a background in theater which compliments his creativeness and talents in ballroom dancing. Ryan participated in the DWTSOM where he led his Partner to win not only the "Judges Choice Award" but also the "People's Choice Award". Ryan loves dancing, teaching, performing and helping people have fun through dancing!

Rachael Capodanno, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsRachael Capodanno


Rachael Capodanno has been on Staff of The Dancing Feeling for many years! Her expertise and knowledge of ballroom and country dance is impressive. In addition to teaching private and group lessons she competes with her students in both ballroom and country competitions. Her students consistently place in the top of their field. Rachael is currently an active Professional competitor competing across the United States and Canada with her partner Josh.


Rachael is the Head Coach for the Roger Williams Ballroom Club. The club focuses on both social ballroom dancing and competitive.

She truly enjoys sharing her love of ballroom dancing with her students. She finds great rewards helping people reach their goals and seeing them become more confident, having fun and becoming great dancers. Rachael performed at the Samsung Dancing with the Stars Road Tour Pre-Show at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence. She has also participated in the Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring Fundraiser. Rachael is a guest Instructor, DJ and Host for the Kathy & Randy Ballroom Dances and for many of the events that employ Kathy and Randy Ballroom DJ services. In addition to teaching, she also is an integral part of the management team of The Dancing Feeling.

Briana Faiola, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors

Briana Faiola began dancing while attending Rhode Island College many years ago. She was a member of the Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Club and Team. Her love for dancing was so strong she decided teaching ballroom was only natural. She can be found teaching high energy group classes as well as one on one private sessions where she helps the dancer to become the best he or she can be. Briana has been instrumental working with The Dancing Feeling College Network Program.




Maureen Ford, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsMaureen Ford

Maureen Ford joined The Dancing Feeling staff with a tremendous background in education. For many years she was a school teacher specializing in Physical Education. Her love and appreciation of the benefits of dance led her to incorporate ballroom into her curriculum for high school students. Maureen enjoys performing with her students at studio showcases. Prior to turning Professional she enjoyed many successful ballroomcompetitions as an Amateur with focus on American Rhythm and American Smooth. Maureen teachers our Sunday Class series and offers each class a great mix of technique and fun! Maureen enjoys teaching as she hopes to inspire her students to learn and love dance as she does.

Danny Kaplan, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsDanny Kaplan

As of April 2011 Danny retired from teaching. We thank him for all of the great years and for all of the fun and knowledge he shared with all of us!








Josh Morgenstein, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsJosh Morgenstein

Josh Morgenstein has been teaching at The Dancing Feeling for quite some time. Prior to turning Professional Josh competed as an Amateur and earned four World Titles to his credit. This is in addition to winning numerous competitions throughout the United States.


Josh enjoys teaching dance whether it be for social or competitive. His method of teaching includes patience and joy as his students progress. He competes professionally across the United States with his partner Rachael Capodanno. Together they are enjoying great success. His students compete both in ballroom and country and consistently place at the top of their divisions. His is the recipient of many Top Teacher Awards. Josh also enjoys dancing at studio showcases where he helps his students display their talents with fun and creative choreography. Josh donates his services for the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring. Josh is frequently guest teacher at the Kathy & Randy Dances and will also run the dances from time to time.

Deborah O'Donnell, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, InstructorsDeborah O'Donnell

Deborah O'Donnell has been involved in dance since an early age. As a young girl she studied tap and jazz for over twelve years during which she frequently performed. She also has strong roots in club salsa and hustle. The Dancing Feeling has had the privilege of having Deborah as part of their highly qualified staff for over twenty years. She has her certification from Dance Teacher's Club of Boston. She competes and performs showcases with her students who enjoy great success as they have fun in this form of ballroom. In addition, Deborah has danced, taught and performed for various events such as: Newport Preservation Society, Festival Ballet Fundraiser, Waterfire in Providence, Swarovski National Corporate Gala, and many more. Debbie is a certified Zumba Instructor. Come join one of her classes they are filled with energy! Debbie also is a proud contributor to the Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring. Debbie has coached Sammy Morris of the New England Patriots who competed in the fundraiser Dancing With The Stars" to a perfect score victory! What a hot performance!

Carol Defelice, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RICarol Defelice

Carol is one of the friendly faces you see behind the desk! Carol is a former Country Western competitor. She and her husband Arnold competed for many years and still love the dancing. Today they enjoy both ballroom and country. Carol loves working at the studio as it is such a "FUN" job!








Elyse Laferriere, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI Elyse Laferriere


Elyse started dancing with Kathy in the performing arts when she was a child. Today you can find her greeting students, dealing with web based projects, and working on marketing. Elyse enjoys dancing both professionally and socially and loves The Dancing Feeling!









Studio Hours, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors

The Dancing Feeling Studio hours are as follows:



Private lessons by appointment.

Group class time: please see group class calendar


Monday through Thursday

2:00pm - 10:00pm



2:00 - 8:00pm then it's time to dance!



Private lessons by appointment



Testimonials, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors

Last year I decided to surprise my wife with some dancing lessons as a Mother's Day gift. We had just returned from a vacation in the Dominican Republic where we marveled at how the other couples moved to the Latin music. Acting on a tip from a friend, I purchased a package from The Dancing Feeling, and the rest is history. We met our private instructor, Rachael Capodanno, and just fell in love with her teaching style. She is passionate about her art, and is smart, funny, happy, energetic, and most of all, an excellent instructor. Rachael even comes to the weekend dances and helps us with our technique. She is simply amazing!

In addition to our private lessons, we are now in the intermediate level group classes learning all the dances from Waltz to Swing to Salsa, while simultaneously having the time of our lives. As a result of the expertise of the teachers at The Dancing Feeling, executing these steps has actually become quite simple.

If there is anyone out there who wants to learn how to Ballroom dance, but is somewhat intimidated by the process, you need to call The Dancing Feeling immediately. Their team of Instructors will help those reservations vanish very quickly.

- Jim & Nancy Bucci



I started dancing with The Dancing Feeling back in January of 2009 in preparation for the "Dancing with the Stars" event for the RI Mentoring Partnership. WOW! What a wonderful time I had! My instructor, David Endicott, was great... so patient, too, and he really knew how to bring out the best in me. Within just months, I went from couch potato to dancer! Also, I learned what a great outlet dancing can be... both mentally and physically! I'll miss my time at The Dancing Feeling and when life settles down a bit, I'd love to go back for more lessons!

- Heather Gersten of "Jones and Heather in the Morning" on Lite Rock 105

Her routine can be found on You Tube


I had the time of my life Dancing with the Stars, and was pleased to be part of this special event for the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership. That experience was more than two weeks ago, and I am still on Cloud Nine!
Only through the patience, hard work and guidance of my talented instructor, Jim Valkoun, were we able to accomplish what we did. A testimony to his ability, it took only two months of instruction (and a heap of blind faith) to perform before 570 people and pull-off a truly entertaining routine.
While I am not a dancer, the direction and encouragement from Jim (and all those at The Dancing Feeling) helped me acquire the skills and self-confidence necessary to perform a great routine, raise money for an incredibly worthy cause, and have a blast in the process.
Thanks to all made this event happen and thank you, again, for letting be part of a memorable evening.

- Serena Connely - participated in the RI Mentoring for Dancing with the Stars.

She represented Office of the Providence Mayor



A few months after walking through the doors of this wonderful studio, I received many compliments on how my dancing ability had significantly improved in a very short period of time... One year has elapsed since I joined, and now I'm swimming in compliments. I give ALL the credit to Randy, Kathy, Amanda & this excellent team of talented instructors. Kathy has tried to convince me that my improvement has evolved mostly from my own effort & dedication. But, the truth is that I had just as much dedication when I began dancing several months before joining this studio, and until that time I had never before experienced such a dramatic change in my ability to lead.

- Kermin Liu


Kathy, Randy and the incredible staff of The Dancing Feeling, Thank You! This summer at your studio was amazing. Classes were always a blast and quite informative too. Lessons from you are so enlightening. Thank you for your constant patience and support. I understand so much more than I did a few short months ago, and I am encouraged to learn more. Thanks for developing such a welcoming environment. You have begun to show me how fulfilling and fun dance can be. Hope to see you from time to time during the school year. Thanks again.

- Nathan Campbell, Member of Holy Cross Ballroom Dance Team


It was FANTASTIC!!! I can't say enough about the dance party last night. Everyone had a great time and are talking about having another! A great big Thank You to Maureen and Gene. They were unbelievable and very easy to work with. The crowd loved them!! Before you knew it, it was 10:00pm and everyone was still enjoying their "free time" to continue practicing. It has taken me 23 years to get my husband to take dance lessons with me and I finally succeeded (thanks to Maureen and Gene) By the end of the night he was asking ME to practice! Wonderful night had by all. Thank you, Thank You! You will be hearing from us again.

- Beth Pincince, Christ the King Church, Special Event Coordinator


Had you told me 20 years ago, that someday, my husband and I would be performing a cha cha routine in the elegant ballroom of Rhodes on the Pawtuxet and that I would be wearing a midnight blue, velvet Latin dance costume and my husband would be wearing a tight-fitted black Latin shirt that our son picked out for him, I would have said "no way!" Neither of us were the type to perform. My husband hated to dance for the first 19 years of our marriage, and I had the passion and desire to dance, but no skill—and no partner. The Dancin’ Feelin’ changed all this.

Flash forward to the present: We now spend 5-10 hours a week dancing. Crazy? Not if you’ve met Kathy and Randy. They make us smile. They have a love of life that's delicious to experience. We love watching them dance together—whether it’s an elegant waltz, a sultry samba, or an energetic hustle. Our classes with them are often the high point of our week.

Their passion is contagious. They've chosen wonderful dance instructors, such as Amanda, who radiate a similar joy and share the same “user-friendly” method of teaching. Kathy and Randy are exceptionally skilled pros. We enjoy their creative, colorful teaching style (e.g., zany imagery, playful metaphors, clever exercises). They make the learning experience pure fun! Ah… we are so very lucky. Thank you Randy and Kathy—for a lifetime of pleasure.

- Ellen and Harris Kenner - "I'm Harris Kenner and I approve of this message."



I had tried ballroom dance lessons before. It was a lot like the Lawrence Welk show, boring, sleepy-time. I also watched the ballroom competitions on PBS and saw that young people did it too, but had to practice hours a day. This could not be fun. Then one day, a friend lured me to the Dancin` Feelin`. There were people of all ages, singles and couples, and they were friendly.

So I tried the introductory special. There were lots of people in the beginner class. What a relief to see so many of them as awkward, clunky and nervous as I was. This helped a lot in feeling okay. They had us rotate partners a lot. When I went to my first dance, it was a great relief to see many beginners from the lesson. I was still nervous but having classmates to dance with took the pressure off. The instructors were great and made learning easy. It has been such great fun.

- George Viveiros



I stumbled (literally...) upon The Dancing Feeling after admiring some couples laughing and having fun doing the swing. I am now in my fifth year and I love it! The teachers are the best and everyone is so friendly that I consider it my second home. Sometimes I cannot believe that I am waltzing around the floor! Everyone should try it!

- Annette Lemieux



"I remember when I was calling around to different studios looking for a teacher to teach a ballroom dance class on Campus (Rhode Island College). All the studios I called were busy, put my request on a waiting list, or just didn't return my calls altogether. It was extremely difficult to find a studio that would take the ballroom dance club seriously. As I was flipping through the Yellow Pages I happened to see an ad for The Dancing Feeling, I decided to call. The moment I called I felt like our needs were accommodated. The studio made us feel like we were important. This was four years ago and the Dancing Feeling still teaches a number of classes on the RIC campus. They have provided us over the years with exceptional ballroom dance classes. The care and attention the studio has given has been spectacular."

- Felicia Higgins - Former President of The Rhode Island College Ballroom



I’m having a great time! Whenever my family or friends outside the dance world call and can’t find me, they always say, “Jeanne, I know you are dancing, but would you p-l-e-a-s-e call me when you have a chance.” That’s what happened to me. It’s hypnotic! The process of learning is exciting.

My teachers GianCarlo Costa and David Endicott at both knowledgeable and talented. They both are tireless in their endeavors to convey technique and dance secrets that I want to learn.  The Directors, Randy Deats and Kathy St Jean are truly conscientious in transferring their skills and passion for dance. They help to open a whole new social world for their students who travel in from all walks of life.

We have social dances, group and private lessons, showcases and if you wish competitions. We encourage each other and have become a strong unit consisting of a mosaic of people and personalities. It’s a joy! Come and see!

- Jeanne Rose



I’ve always enjoyed dancing (in the privacy of my home) but wouldn’t dance where people would see me. I was a very shy, stay at home person. My life changed two and a half years ago when I entered the doors at The Dancin’ Feelin’. Everyone at the studio has been very warm, loving and supportive. They make you feel like family. They have ignited the passion in me to dance, a passion I have been searching for for a long time. With their encouragement and the patience and loving support of my Instructor, Danny, I now feel comfortable dancing in showcases and competition. Staying at home is no longer an option when you can be out dancing. Thank you Dancin’ Feelin’.

- Pat Reali




FAQ's, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors

Q: What is the best way to get started?
A: If you are new to dancing, we recommend starting with our Introductory Special. It is a discounted sampler so you may try private lessons, group lessons and a beginner practice party. After you have had a chance to try each of these you will know what the best method is for you to learn quickly and right the first time!

Q: What dances should I start with?
A: Our experienced professionals will direct you towards the dances which are most likely to be fun for you. If you have an event coming up they will help you to learn the dances you are most likely to use.


Q: What should I wear for the lessons?

A: Come dressed comfortably and wear something that is easy to move in. Shoes should have non-sticky soles so that it is easy to slide your feet. Woman should not wear slip-on shoes as they make it more difficult to dance.


Q: I have danced before, how do I know what group class level is right for me?

A: If you have danced before let us know what your experience is and we will help guide you to the right level. You may need to try a certain level and if that is not the right fit you will have a better idea as to what class level is just right for you!




Archives, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Warwick, RI, Instructors


December 2013

Josh and Rachael compete at UCWDC Las Vegas Finale

Kathy judges Christmas in Dixie, Birmingham AL

Randy and Kathy DJ for the USA Dance Docma Holiday Ball

Randy and Kathy's New Year's Eve Gala, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet

Kathy, Josh and Rachael have students competing at the UCWDC World Championships



November 2013

Randy judges NDCA Commonwealth Classic

Kath teaches seminars and gives judge and teacher exams in Malaysia

Josh & Rachael compete in UCWDC Dallas Dance Festival receiving 3rd place

Rachael dances with her student Todd and receives 2nd place in both divisions.



October 2013

Randy judges and officiates Constitution State Challenge NDCA Competition

Kathy is chairman of judges for Yale University Competition

Randy judges Yale Ballroom Competition

Rachael deejays Yale Ballroom Competition

Students compete at UCWdC Halloween in Harrisburg with outstanding wins and placements.

Randy and Kathy receive top teacher awards.

Josh and Rachael compete at Halloween in Harrisburg



September 2013

Kathy and Randy judge and provide music for USA National Qualifier, Boston Mass.

Rachael and Josh compete at South Bay UCWDC Competition, San Hose CA

Randy officiates Boston Ballroom NDCA Competition Boston Mass

The Dancing Feeling acquires new facility in Warwick for expansion of studio!


August 2013

Celebrated our 5th year running the New England Dance Festival!

Lots of studio dancers compete at the New England Dance Festival, winning many first places and placing in the top of their divisions.

Josh receives top teacher award at the New England Dance Festival

Randy and Kathy judge and provide music for NDCA Mass Dancesport Competition

Kathy attends UCWDC Council Meeting.

Rachael and her student Todd compete at the Arizona Dance Classic.


May 2013

Josh and Rachael compete with students at the UCWDC Montreal Grand Prix.

Josh and Rachael perform at the UCWDC Montreal Grand Prix.

Kathy judges NDCA Dancing A La Carte, Springfield, Mass.

Randy emcees NDCA Dancing A La Carte, Springfield, Mass.

Jim competes at Swingin into Spring WSDC Competition, CT.


April 2013

The Dancin' Feelin' Showcase

Dancing With The Stars of Mentoring (we helped raise over ($ 80.000.00)

Kathy and Randy judge NDCA Seacoast Dancesport Competition

Rachael deejays for Seacoast Dancesport Competition


March 2013

Josh and Rachael and Kathy compete with students at UCWDC Peachstate Dance Festival, Atlanta

kathy judges at Peachstate Dance Festival, Atlanta

Josh and Rachael compete Professionally at Peachstate Dance Festival, Atlanta

Jim competes in WSDC Boston Tea Party Jack and Jill competition

Kathy is Chariman of Judges for Rhode Island College Collegiate Competition

Randy emcees the Rhode Island College Collegiate Competition

Rachael dejays the Rhode Island College Collegiate Competition



February 2013

Kathy attends the UCWDC Council Meeting

Albert Tailleur teaches seminars at The Dancin' Feelin'


January 2013

Randy emcees and judges NorthEastern Open Dancesport Competition

Jim, Kathy, Rachael and Josh compete with students at Northeastern Open Dancesport Competition

Travis and Jamie Tufts teach workshops at The Dancin' Feelin'

Kathy and Josh compete with students at the UCWDC World Championships

Kathy judges at the UCWDC World Championships



December 2012

Kathy, Rachael and Josh compete with students at Christmas in Dixie, Birmningham Al

Josh and Rachael compete professional at Christmas in Dixie, Birmingham, AL

Randy and Kathy deejay the USA Dance Chapter (DOCMA) Holiday Ball

Kathy and Randy's New Year's Eve Gala at Rhodes on The Pawtuxet.


November 2012

Randy judges Commonwealth Classic


October 2012

Kathy is Chariman of Judges for Yale University Dancesport Collegiate Competition

Randy judges Yale University Dancesport Collegiate Competition

Rachael deejays University Dancesport Collegiate Competition



September 2012

Fall Workshops & California/Ballroom Mix Dance

Kathy & Randy teach seminars for National Ballroom Dance Week at Cape Cod USA Dance Chapter


August 2012

Held the New England Dance Festival in Newton, MA


July 2012

Studio Showcase at The German Club

Josh & Rachael competed as well as students at studio. Congratulations to on everyone's accomplishments!


June 2012

Randy was DJ at DOCMA Dance at Lake Pearl

Randy & Kathy Judge North Coast Competition


May 2012


Josh competes with students at the Montreal Gran Prix

Josh and Rachael compete at the Montreal Gran Prix

David competes with students at the Royal Dancesport Competition, Stamford CT

Giancarlo competes with Lynn DiCostanzo as well as Ed and Linda at the Can You Dance New England Fundraiser


April 2012

Randy emcees Philadelphia Challenge,

DANCING WITH THE STARS OF MENTORING...Our community service project!

WE HELP RAISE $77, 000.00!


Congratulations to

Patty Koch and her Mentor Randy Deats for winning the Judges Choice Award


Keith Lavimodiere and his Mentor Debbie O'Donnell winning the "Most Entertaining Award"


Colleen Gouveia and her mentorJim Valkoun winning the Peoples Choice Award


March 2012


Randy and Kathy judge Mid Atlantic Classic

Josh, Jim and Rachael compete with students

Rachael and Josh compete


February 2012

Kathy and Randy judge Holy Cross Competition

They also provide music for comp and Rachael deejayed.


January 2012

Kathy and Josh compete with students at the UCWDC World Championships

Nikolai Pillipinchuk and Natalia Skorikova teach workshops and private lessons at the studio.


December 2011

Nikolai Pilipinchuk & Natalie Skorikova perform at New Year's Eve Gala

Kathy judges Christmas in Dixie competition!

Students compete at Christmas at Dixie.

Holiday Dance Party!